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A Revolutionary New Iron Sight for the AR-15 and or ANY platform using a picatinny rail mounting system        

(US Patent #8,925,238 )          See More …See it Faster     

Works with any standard rear BUIS including carry handle rear sights

The Revolution Model 1776 is a patented front sight and is like no other AR-15 / M-16 iron sight on the market today.  The M1776 is tough, reliable and made in the USA. The M1776 is the fastest and most effective iron sight on the market.  It is designed for use on any “same plane” picatinny rail system or railed gas block and can be used as your primary or secondary aiming platform.  Want to save battery power, co-witness with your reflex sight, turn power off and run.  The M1776 also has 40 MOA of elevation adjustment.

The M1776 offers the shooter:
  •    Instinctive / automatic sight alignment
  •    Immediate target acquisition
  •    Unobstructed view of the intended target
  •    Unparalleled sight picture
Other Features of the M1776:
  • Machined from carbon steel, durable and passes the four foot drop test standard
  • Offering up to 40 MOA of elevation adjustment
  • Interchangeable lens system that features a light gathering fiber optic rod embedded in an abrasion resistant acrylic lens.  Negligible zero shift when changing lenses.
  • The fiber optic rod gathers all ambient light and provides a clear aiming reference (“dot”) for the shooter engaged in any shooting discipline including military and law enforcement
  • No tools necessary / quick release mounting system
  • No batteries or external power source necessary
  • NOTE – the M1776 is designed for use on single (same) plane mounting systems or receiver height railed gas blocks.

In short, the M1776 is quick, accurate, durable and simply the best iron sight for the AR platform on the market today.

In Stock – NEW! REVO45

45° Back up sight

NOTE: when used with our 3 Gun Lens, the REVO45 has been approved by USPSA, 3GN and SCSA as an “iron ” sight


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Hit it, bump it, drop it… will not hurt it.  Interchangeable lenses, go from a red dot to green in 30 seconds.


No time to change the lens, just center the target in the globe and keep shooting.

Revolution m1776 AR-15 Sight

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CAUTION: When you realize you no longer need or want your electronics PLEASE dispose of your batteries properly !


  • photo of Field Tested

    Field Tested

    Rugged, durable and accurate. The Model 1776 is machined from mid-grade carbon steel and passed the four foot drop test. No batteries or external power source is required. The clamp design affixes to any picatinny rail system. Read More
  • photo of Point & Shoot

    Point & Shoot

    The M1776 promotes immediate and perfect sight alignment with extremely fast target acquisition times producing more efficient and accurate results. Read More
  • photo of SLOW - Compare - FAST

    SLOW - Compare - FAST

    The M1776 produces a superior, unobstructed view of the target. Traditional "rabbit ears" and front sight post designs serve to obstruct the full view of the intended target. See the difference ! Read More
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