mounted-sightThe M1776 can be mounted on any picatinny rail system using the quick detach lever system in 4 basic configurations:

  • mounted as a front sight on a quad rail or on a receiver height gas block when used in conjunction with a standard rear sight.
  • mounted mid-rail or forward for use as a singular sighting system for close range engagement using a consistent cheek weld
  • mounted forward and co-witnessed with a reflex sight ( turn off the power and used the reflex unit as a rear sight aperture)
  • mounted at a 45 degree offset (back up system)

The M1776 can be used as your primary or backup sighting system

Elevation adjustment is achieved by loosening the thumbscrew and rotating the globe.  Each 180 degree rotation equals a 1 MOA elevation change on a 20 inch barrel.  When zeroed just tighten the thumbscrew.  Rotating the globe clockwise will raise the point of impact (“POI”) and rotating the globe counterclockwise will lower the POI.

An Interchangeable Lens System is incorporated into the M1776 to provide the user with optionality in the size and color of the fiber optic aiming dot. The aiming dots are sized at 30, 40 & 60 thousandths of an inch in diameter and come in red, green and amber colors.  No tools are required to change lenses which takes approximately 30 seconds. There is negligible zero shift when changing lenses.

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