d507af5695bbb559aea4c70d709f42f6-xlargeIn 2012, Clear Image Solutions set out to solve two basic AR-15 / M-16 training issues::

  1. proper sight alignment is difficult to teach and learn
  2. the A2 and other A2 style front sights block the full view of the target

Our answer was the development of the Revolution Model 1776  (“M1776”) front sight, as patented by Clear Image Solutions.

      See More, See it Faster, with Perfect Sight Alignment.

We believe the M1776 is the best iron sight on the market today for a multitude of platforms including the AR-15 / M-16.

Traditional iron sight units use a ramp, “rabbit ear” and front post design where:

  • Proper sight alignment is difficult to teach and learn
  • The A2 style front sight blocks the shooters full view of the target and receiver mounted electronics block your peripheral vision.

The M1776 design solves both training issues by using our patented front sight design using a 30mm globe and an interchangeable acrylic lens:

  • Perfect sight alignment is now achieved by simply  –  putting the circle in the circle
  • The 30mm globe design exposes the complete target area – no ramp / no post / no rabbit ears

The M1776 design produces:

  • immediate and accurate sight alignment
  • better marksmanship fundamentals and reduced training times
  • quicker target acquisition
  • full field of view at the target
  • improved accuracy across a wide range of experience levels
  • all the benefits of a “reflex/dot” sight without any tools or batteries


During shot execution,  the human brain will instinctively center the circular front sight globe perfectly within the rear sight.  To test, ask a child to place a quarter in the center of a dinner plate. 10 of 10 will look at the plate and place the coin right in the center of the plate.  Try it ! This instinctive action is the basis for the immediate and accurate sight alignment produced by the M1776.


The 30mm globe design enables extremely quick target acquisition and enables the shooter to see a full field of view at the target.  You will see a clear image of what is below, left and right of the point of impact as well as what is above it.  In addition, the use of receiver mounted reflex or holographic sights inhibit the peripheral vision of the shooter.  In life and sport, having the ability to see what you do not intend to shoot can be as critical as seeing the intended target. SEE MORE / SHOOT BETTER

That is our story.  We believe the Model 1776 is the best iron sight on the market and will help all levels of shooter from the novice to the experienced shooter and the benefits will bridge any shooting discipline. We encourage you to learn more about the Revolution Model 1776 by clicking the link below.

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