We want to pass along a quick reminder that when you are changing lenses, they will only go in and out of the REVO 45 and M1776 from one side of the globe as follows:

  • M1776 – there is a tik or paint mark on the entry/exit side of the globe
  • REVO 45 – The lens goes in the shooter side of the globe when mounted for a right handed shooter (3 o’clock off the pic rail).

If you try to insert or remove the lens from or toward the wrong side you will immediately feel too much resistance.

The tolerances between the globe and lens are tight, so when you are inserting or removing the lens, push evenly around the “Clock face” on the outside diameter of the lens. In small increments, push at 12, then 6, then 3 , then 9 and repeat until the lens is all the way in and has centered itself evenly in the channel milled into the globe.

We use a very small bit of axle grease to lube the inside diameter of the globe during the assembly process so feel free to reapply as needed.

You may use any lens customary lens cleaner and cloth to keep your lens clean

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