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The new 3 gun lens is designed for use with either our M1776 or REVO 45 sights.  The lens has been approved by 3GN, SCSA and USPSA for use as a non-optical sighting system.  The 3G lens is made of scratch resistant acrylic and designed with a .060″ diameter fiber optic in the color of your choice and is fully interchangeable with any of our standard lenses.

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The 3G lens was designed specifically for USPSA and 3 Gun Shooters who choose not to shoot in the optical class.  The 3G lens provides all the benefits of our standard lens buts meets USPSA, SCSA and 3GN guidelines for non-optical sighting systems.  The lens can be positioned within the REVO45 globe to be “horizontal” when the sighting globe is directly over the bore line.  By doing this, the shooter gains a visual reference of how far the rifle has been rolled over when using the REVO45, this will assist in maintaining  your windage and elevation zeros.

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Amber, Green, Red

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